Abandoned Gas Station Cleanup Grant Program Update


TTL wanted to provide an update on the Abandoned Gas Station Cleanup Grant Program as it was provided to us. The official website for the program is now available on the Ohio Development Services Agency website located at the link below.

Here you can find the guidelines to determine if you are eligible for the cleanup and remediation of BUSTR Class C release (underground storage tanks with documented petroleum releases) sites to provide for and enable the environmentally safe and productive reuse of publicly owned lands. If eligible, funds include up to $100,000 for assessment and up to $500,000 for cleanup. As well as costs to empty or remove underground storage tanks, abatement of asbestos, lead or other contamination, demolition and site clearance.

We have a team of dedicated professionals who are able to assist you. Please allow us the opportunity to help you with this program.  

The online application is said to be available on the webpage in mid- to late February.

If you are interested in receiving additional information as it becomes available, please contact Timothy G. Pedro at tpedro@ttlassoc.com