Remote Desktop Instructions

To access the TTL Terminal Server / Remote Desktop Server:

1.  Go to Start -> (All)Programs -> Accessories -> Remote Desktop Connection

2.  Enter as the address/computer (See below for copying files)

3.  Click connect and click ok to the warning.

4.  Log in using you TTL username/password

You may have to click other user and enter your username like this -> TTL\”Your Username”

5.  You will then be connected remotely into the TS server with your network access.

6.  Please Logoff when finished using.






To Copy files back and forth, do the following.

1.  Click Options in the lower left, this is done after Step 1 above.  See image above

2.  Click the Local Resources Tab

3.  Under Local Devices and Resources, click the more button

4.  Check the box for Drives and Click Ok

5.  Click the General Tab and click Connect or you can save a copy of the connection for easier use next time as well.

The Drives will be listed under My computer and called “Drive Letter” on “Computer Name”.  You just have to copy/paste items from within the terminal server to transfer them to/from your local PC.