Ohio Awards $20 million to Abandoned Gas Station Cleanup Grant Fund


The passing of the Am. Sub. HB 64 bill creates the Abandoned Gas Station Cleanup Grant Program in the Development Services Agency for the purpose of cleanup and remediation of Class C release sites to provide for and enable the environmentally safe and productive reuse of publicly owned lands.

At the request of the Director of Development Services, the Director of Budget and Management may transfer no more than $20 million from the Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund to the Abandoned Service Station Cleanup Fund as needed to provide for grants awarded under the bill.

Under the bill, grants may be awarded to a property owner, defined as a county, municipal corporation, township, or port authority or an organization that owns publicly owned lands. Publicly owned lands include land that is owned by an organization that has entered into a relevant agreement with such a political subdivision.

The guidelines and application form are currently being drafted with an anticipation release date between October and December 1, 2015

If you are interested in receiving additional information as it becomes available, please contact Timothy G. Pedro at tpedro@ttlassoc.com