Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality AnalysisFrom a simple mold investigation, to an ongoing annual service contract for indoor air quality problems, TTL successfully implements a customized approach for remediation through sampling, analysis, identification, monitoring and abatement.

Indoor Air Quality Evaluation

  • Airborne Microbial Sampling
  • Airborne Particles Sampling
  • Air Flow/Air Pressure Measurement
  • CO/CO2/Miscellaneous Gases Measurement
  • Formaldehyde Levels
  • Instrument Testing
  • Measurement of Temperature/Relative Humidity
  • Indoor & Outdoor Analysis of Dusts, Gases, Bacteria, Fungi, Temperature & Relative Humidity.

Indoor Air Quality EvaluationCertified Professionals

  • Mechanical System Reviews
  • Measurement of Indoor Contaminants
  • Inspection & Specification Development
  • Proactive Preventive Monitoring
  • Identification of Potential Problems
  • Documentation of Existing/Potential Problems
  • Moisture Assessment through Infrared Thermal Imaging
  • Baseline Sampling
  • Post-Abatement Sampling
  • Post-Clearance Assessment & Evaluation


  • Air Supply/Exhaust/Conditioning System Evaluation
  • List of Tests Conducted with Results
  • Discussion & Comparison of Test Results
  • Relevant Standards
  • Summary of Analysis & Findings
  • Photographic Record
  • Practical Correction/Actions Recommended