Property Condition Assessment

Property Condition AssessmentA Property Condition Assessment begins with an on-site visit to to review all external and internal building components, available documentation, and public records, to define and analyze present conditions with recommendations for repair or further review in a summary assembled into a report.

  • Site Improvements
    Access, parking, paving/drainage, walks/curbs, utilities, lighting, landscaping/irrigation, fences/walls, signage and disabled accessibility/ADA compliance.
  • Building Improvements
    Foundation, structure, floor construction, exterior wall construction, roof and canopy construction, windows, doors, balconies/terraces, stairs, interior floors and walls, appliances, cabinets, disabled accessibility/ADA compliance.
  • Commercial Property AssessmentMechanical, Plumbing & Electrical Systems
    HVAC, plumbing, electrical, vertical transportation, fire protection/life safety systems.
  • Tenant Spaces
    Interior finishes, kitchen appliances, HVAC, plumbing/fixtures, electrical, fire protection/life safety systems.
  • Other Issues
    Asbestos, lead and hazardous material identification, fixtures, furnishings and equipment for hotels, detailed mechanical studies, detailed ADA compliance surveys are available.