Wetlands Determinations & Delineations

Wetlands provide natural flood protection, improvement in water quality, and a habitat for wildlife that is protected by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, state and local governments who implement regulations and ordinances. This becomes critical when purchasing or developing a property.

Wetland Determination
A Wetland Determination identifies the presence or absence of regulated wetlands, defining approximate boundaries and size. A field survey in conjunction with a review of available documentation is completed by an experienced professional.

Wetland Delineations
A Wetland Delineation identifies non-wetland and wetland boundaries on a property with photographic documentation of the findings. Soil samples are collected and vegetation and hydrology evaluated to verify these  boundaries.

Any area found to meet the criteria of a jurisdictional wetland is surveyed with findings submitted to the ACOE and other regulatory agencies, if necessary.