Concrete Testing & Inspection

Concrete can be tested in the plastic state for slump, air content or unit weight.  In addition, test cylinders and beams can be cast to determine compressive and flexural strength.  Concrete form and reinforcing steel inspection is also provided along with concrete condition surveys, inspections and mix design.

  • Roadways, curbs & sidewalks
  • Bridge decks, piers & abutments
  • Underwater bridge inspections
  • Foundations
    • Caisson Testing & Pile Testing
    • Buildings

Concrete Testing FirmAll testing confirms concrete and asphalt design properties, and the determination of quality aggregates used in project materials.

  • Molding Concrete Cylinders & Beams
  • Sampling
  • Air Content
  • Consistency (slump)
  • Unit Weight
  • Yield
  • Temperatures
  • Mixer Uniformity Tests
  • Batch Plant Inspection & Control
  • Field Placement & Control
  • Windsor Probe-in-Place Non-Destructive
  • Compressive Strength Testing
  • Hot and Cold Weather Concreting Practices
  • Mix Design (normal and light weight concrete)
  • Coring